Thursday, October 06, 2005

Curb your Enthusiasm

Even though I have heard over the past that the show "Curb your enthusiasm" was a good show and should watch it, I have not seen one episode over the Four that they have. Until Now. My brother recently went out and bought the third season of this show, and I must say, it is hilarious. I was never really attracted to this show, mainly because I always thought Larry David was really annoying. Especially when benig interviewed about "Seinfeld" and his work on it. But I must admit "Curb your Enthusiasm" is a show that is very funny, and is like Seinfeld because everything goes full circle. I do recommend that you should check it out. It seems that finally there are shows out there are not total BS and can hold my interest for more than an episode. Another great show that is currrently on is House, and courtesy of another brother, I was able to catch up with all the episodes I missed out on.

Dissapointing opener-Flyers lose 5-3 :(

Monday, October 03, 2005

Today, President Bush nominated Harriet Miers to replace Sandra Day O' Connor. I must admit i was very skeptical about this nomination. But I guess you should'nt make any opinion on her yet, seeing as she has no judicial experiance. I was hoping for either Janice Rogers Brown or William Pryor to be nominated, but I guess we will just have to see about this nominee.
NHL Season starts in 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

it's been a while

It has been a while since my last blog. ( A bit of an understatement) But I am back, and well the new school year has started and all is well.
Me, Mike, Julie, John, and Maggie attended the Chevy Rock&Roll 400 at RIR over the weekend, as we usually do when the Nascar drivers come to Richmond. I must say......What has happened to this sport we call nasacar????? I can't even explain how frustrating the race was. yellow flags for no reason what so ever, and let's of course not forget the chase! Talk about a stupid Idea. I am now a Formula One fan first. Nascar is now way down on my list of racing sports which I like. Perhaps I will watch again after my head recovers from it's uhhh..............buffeting.
But in other news the NHL season starts on October 5!!!!!!!!! The Flyers open up against the New York Rangers!! I can't wait.

Is anyone else tired of all the Hurricane Coverage??

It appears the poet was right...Troubles never singly come.

Friday, May 27, 2005

The death of Talent

I was watching the tonight show with Jay Leno last night, and caught the musical performance.T he band "Bright Eyes" was playing for the audience. I must ask I might be wrong but, the last time I checked, did'nt you need actual musical talent to perform live in front of a crowd on TV? I think it was the worst performance I have ever seen. Not to mention the song was called, "When the President talks to god," a nice attack on the President. The lyrics sounded like a three year old scribbled them on a piece of construction paper or something. Thanks fot the effort bright eyes but go ahead and leave the musical industry for the people with actual talent, and that don't suck as bad as you guys. You would be doing us all a big favor.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Where has the time gone?

It seemed like last week that I was beginning the semester at VCU. Now with just aover a month left I just wonder where all this time has gone? It does'nt seem like 3 months have already passed! Just around the corner in a packed month of May during final exams, my older brother Casey will have his birthday and then his wedding in late may! In seems like yesterday we were sitting at his graduation from college. Also my oldest brother and my sister in-law will be celebrating there 2 year anniversary! Then right after that, If you know my family, it starts the birthday season where everyone in the family has there birthday over the following months. It feels like 2005 has just started, and in a couple of months, it will be alomost over.
Anyways, In movie news, There is not too much out there. I really would like to see Sin City, that looks really good. Also keep you eyes open for June 17, The new Batman Begins is released!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Will the NHL recover from this???

Well, What can I say. The NHL and NHLPA made big concessions on Monday, I thought there was gonna be a deal to save the season in time, but no. This is very dissapointing :( Posted by Hello

Monday, January 24, 2005

I love the History Channel

I caught a great program this week on the history channel called "The Presidents", a fantasic profile on every President from George Washignton to George W. Bush. If you guys are as much of a nerd as I am when it comes to the Presidents you should check it out. They did a very good job on every President and is very informative plus you learn some really cool facts about the Presidents. I particualary enjoyed the profiles on my personal favorites Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan. How many people know that one of our greatest President's, Franklin Roosevelt was a "C" student at Harvard? Sounds familiar.